Pay Just Once

You only need to buy a licence for the period of time that you want to encrypt your code. After that your code remains encrypted and keeps on working... forever.

Our pricing structure is designed to be fair and cost-effective. And our customers agree.


Code Expiry

Choose a date on which you want your encrypted code to expire. After that date the code will no longer run.

You can use this either as a licensing mechanism or simply for additional security.


Free Upgrades. Forever.

As new versions of PHPshadow are released you can download them free of charge.

There is no time limit to this and there is no version limit. It's what we call a good deal!


Encryption, Not Obfuscation

PHPshadow encrypts your code using a proper AES-based algorithm to give you maximum protection.

We do not use obfuscation, which is a very weak mechanism because it is easily reversible.


Why PHPshadow?

PHPshadow is based on the industry-standard AES algorithm.

Our pricing model is simple and straightforward, and once encrypted your code works forever (no licences required).


For Developers

Distribute your PHP-based application to clients with the knowledge that your source code remains protected.

You can safely deploy your PHP application on a customer's server without the risk of your intellectual property being compromised.


Secure Your IP

Your PHP code forms a large part of your intellectual property. You don't want it to fall into the wrong hands.

Manage that risk now by using PHPshadow to encrypt your PHP code.